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Pearce the Mocha Green Pea Cookie

“Awaken with Peawilderment.” -Pearce

Pearce the Mocha Green Pea Cookie is rich, chocolatey and intense. Like your favorite cup o' joe, this cookie is sweet, bitter, smooth and nutty all at once. One serving will get your day off to a happea protein-packed start or provide a wonderful afternoon peack-me-up. Crunchy, creamy, salty and sweet! What a treat.

Pearce is one of the more peantroverted members of the pea family, at peas within himself. He's also a charismatic guy, who loves a great conversation and some acoustic tunes! A kick of caffeine gets his thoughts and smiles rolling. Most usually seen in a rustic cafe without wifi, reading Thoreau, and chatting with new friends about his latest novel. Oh -- and he just might be your peacret admirer.

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