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Writing Contest: Seeking Submissions

Get Published in Peater's Diary!

November is Happeaness Month at Green Pea Cookie and we are seeking submissions for written content on the subject of happiness! We will select up to 30 pieces to be published on Peater's Diary each day in November.

All selected writers will peacieve speacial happea swag from us! You'll also get the opportunity to get your thoughts out there and spread smiles and insight among the whole entire pea family :)

What We're Looking For:

Topics can include How to Be Happy... What Happiness Means to me... Happiness and Monday and The Election... Happiness and Being Outside and Meditation and Positive Thinking and Laughing at Your Own Jokes and Eating Cookies! It's all up to you!

As Grandma Pearl says... "Happeaness Comes from Within... Do Not Seek it Without (Cookies)." You're not writing for any old blog... you're writing in Peater's DIARY! It's a very personal thing. So make it come from the heart! Images, illustrations, videos... it all helps.

Need Inspearation? Check out How To Be Happy by Rissy the Cookie Miss or Am I Brave Enough to Be Happy by Dimpea the Chocolate Dipped Green Pea Cookie. 

Enter Below by Oct 20: 

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