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Our Story

Two years ago, we started baking green pea cookies because we wanted to make people happy! We pealieve true happiness is peaternal. It is everywhere, all the time, rolling around to make itself known.

Fiona Lee, a passionate and self-taught baker from Singapore, perfected a recipe for a Singaporean festive cookie back in 2014. The bite-sized pealight was the peafect reminder of “life’s little peasures.” It was simple: a healthier, environmentally-conscious choice. It made people smile. And mainly, it brought people together. The cofounders, including the imaginative Larissa Russell from Pennsylvania, named this quarter-ounce cookie “Peater” and dubbed him the “happeaest cookie on Earth.”

We have since developed new flavors of our delectable green pea cookies as well as corresponding characters for each new flavor. The unique taste and texture of all our products, handmade quality, and simple, responsibly sourced ingredients, continue to peas even the toughest of cookies. Pea lovers and pea haters unite! We are peased to welcome everyone into the pea family.

The Team

Pea.E.O. and Cofounder
Larissa Russell
Pea.O.O. and Cofounder
Fiona Lee
V.Pea. of Sales
Taylor Lambert
Pea.R. Strategist
Mei Mei Lim
Juan Aguilar
Grand Master Baker
Juan Aguilar
Francisca Flores
Grand Master Baker
Francisca Flores

Our Angel List

Rusty Schwartz
Lon Gallardo
Kamal and Janet Russell
Tal Siach