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Guest Post: What to do when your flight is delayed + A Poem (by Positivity Dan)

by Guest Writer November 20, 2016

By "Positivity Dan" Morse

Positivity Dan is a great friend of the Green Pea Cookie team! He loves peajected Peater most of all and WE LOVE HIM! Check out this video and his YouTube channel, which is full of his darling, positive energy. We think this guy knows how to make cookies out of peas! You're the best, Positivity Dan! Below is a poem he wrote on the origins of the Positivity Dan persona...

Positivity Dan was birthed in the sunshine swamps of social media.

Conceived in the belching muck and gurgling goo, he rose with tap shoes on his toes and a big smile on his nose.

He sprung to life out of negative strife. The right kind of plight to turn a tumultuous morning bright.

You see, most start their mornings marred unmotivated stirring around their sheets in a rumble tumble bed ridden gloom. Positivity Dan turns the morning room into something new.

Just pop on the video and hear the chant, pant, and rant as this dancing baboon shows you a vibe to groove to.

Positivity Dance is what they'd call it. Play it at bar mitzvahs and weddings, they would. And at funerals they would ball with it.

You see, these videos have found their way into our hearts
Into that little part of us
that wants a positive start

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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