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Peater's Diary: Is It Gluten Pea?

by Peater The Cookie September 01, 2016

Dear Diary,

It’s me, Peater the Green Pea Cookie. Without gluten! Made instead with rice and tapeaoca flour!

I’m kinda in a mood these days. Not a bad mood or a good mood, really. Maybe it comes with age, or maybe it’s all the yoga lessons that Rissy has been bringing me to… I don’t know, but these days I just feel really peased out and also mellow.

You know diary, I got into trouble recently. I’m so relaxed when I’m without gluten that I started to chill out in the middle of a baking production run and spread myself out. The hardworking grand master bakers didn’t realise that and they baked me while I was all blobbed out, chilling, like a big wide dot. What happened was that I became a flattish looking cookie, too big for my trays.

Peaona scolded me really badly because I couldn’t fit and they had to do a rebake. It’s a ton of work for a rebake (and I guess money too!). I felt a little bad, diary. And I’m not even able to roll that quickly when I’m super flat like that.

Grandma Pearl told me to strike a balance on my mellowness. She said that the world functions on balance. Everything is only as good as its oppeasite and what we put into life, is what we will get out of it. Not a bit more or a bit less. So I got my act together and now, I’m only a tiny bit flatter and softer -  still mellow, but still a happea cookie and I know it. That way, I’m able to roll around even without gluten. 

Speaking of balance diary, I got to go back to work. I am a happea cookie, after all, with my own k-pea-i’s. It’s all about work-life balance too, you know. And the life part doesn’t always mean Netpeax even though it sometimes does, because working can be exhausting, and because I like to daydream about having my own happea Pea.V show.

Thankfully, Labor Day is upcoming. That means a legit reason to be mellow. I hope that this Labor Day, everyone can be a mellow happea cookie like me and just chill out. Maybe I’ll go surfing in some coffee or tea. Or go see Dimpea!

Peas out,

Peater Without Gluten

Pea.S -- want to meet me?? Order cookies! 

Peater The Cookie
Peater The Cookie


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