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100% All Natural Green Pea Cookies: How We Did It

by The Green Pea Cookie Team March 14, 2016

Hi Pea Family! 

For a long long time, if you were to look at our ingredients list, it was funny. We source only the best available ingredients... organic when possible... plus Yellow #5 and Blue Dye #1 in our green peas.

No longer...We have managed to source all natural peas!

"I can be yellowish brown and still be a green pea cookie," Peater said. 

Peater has been peatty eager to shed that layer of disguise and become even closer to his true self. Here he is pea-king out at the Jack of All Trades Market in Oakland last weekend :)

How do the cookies taste?

"I would say they taste even better," said our friend Davey, founder of Pain Bakery and grand master artisan at KitchenTown.

They have the same melt in your mouth appeal, but they're crunchier. Firmer. Less powdery. Peater and Dimpea are just showing off!

What's wrong with food dye anyway?

We'll be honest. Sometimes it seems like you just can't peas everyone! But food dye is often cited as affecting hyperactivity in children. And for a product so simple -- 5 ingredients -- artificial anything just doesn't fit.

Plus, we stand for "life's little peasures." No fluff. Only TRUTH! We wanted a REAL product that we could be most proud of.

So out with the old, in with the new. Greener peas of the past are pictured on the right:


What took so long?

Roasting our own peas is tough because of high costs and lack of right equipment. So we buy our peas pre-roasted. 

These peas didn't exist until now! We searched the whole globe but we were too small to afford a custom order with the pea roasters. 

YOUR support and continued concern for this issue kept us going! SO THANKS!

What's next for the product?

100% organic ingredients in our original cookie. We're on track for it by the end of 2016! :) 

Stay tuned. We'll be launching these new pea cookies as soon as we run out of our inventory (no waste!) and then it's no turning back! Help us clear out the greener cookies with 17% off using the code "greenerpastures" (while supplies last!)

PEA.S. - Interested in purchasing our remaining food-dye pea powder? Get in touch!

The Green Pea Cookie Team
The Green Pea Cookie Team


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