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Peater's Diary: Happea New Year's Eve Eve

by Peater The Cookie December 30, 2015

December 30, 2015: It's New Year's Eve Eve

Dear Diary,

Happea holidays! It has been more than a year since I came from Pearth and I’ve made so many new and peamazing friends. Pean, Peassy and Peaona threw a Peasmas party and everyone came down to say hi to Penelopea and me. We even had a paper Peasmas tree that a friend in Singapore designed! It was so pretty with candy canes all over. Here’s a secret diary, at the end of the party, there were no more candy canes because I got hungry. Peassy doesn’t know because she was having so much fun. Sshh.

Everyone traveled and went home after that, so it has been quiet here. Even Penelopea is leaving. I love it when she is here because she makes me feel so cozy and I get this funny feeling in my tummy when I see her smile. I got her another pink bow for Peasmas and it made her even more peautiful. I’m going to miss her, but it’s okay diary. Peaona told me that the good times are forever and I have so many good moments with her that I can think about when she is gone. She’s sad to leave her new friends too, I hope she gets a chance to say bye propealy.

Here's me and her: That right there is true love.

Pean recently asked everyone about their new year’s peasolution. It’s a goal that everyone makes for the new year. For example, Peaona’s one is to learn a new language. Here’s the thing that confuses me diary, why does everyone create a goal only once at the peaginning of the year? I’m sure that if I only think about my goal once every year, I will not remember it. Maybe instead of a new year’s peasolution, it can be a daily peasolution. So this is my daily peasolution:

To be a Happea Cookie.

You see diary, recently I was hired to be a Happea Cookie at Green Pea Cookie. I overheard Pean and Peaona talking about setting KPeaIs for me.  I’m going to do a good job , peacause I’m already a happea cookie.

It’s a really easy thing to do diary. You just need to be happea every day. Yesterday I was happea because I fell when I was ice-skating and I didn’t break. And the day before I went skinny dipping in a cup of tea. Life is so fun! There’s always something to be happea about, don’t you think so?

Pea.S. I got a postcard from Dimpea today! YAY! #imahappeacookie

Peater The Cookie
Peater The Cookie


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