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Because Parents Are Marketers Too: How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

by The Green Pea Cookie Team November 09, 2015

We're all marketers these days. Marketers of what? We get to decide with every decision we make. What do you want to promote with your being? What do you stand for? It’s as broad as the energy you’re putting out into the universe and as speacific as your career choices and what kind of milk you’re buying at the grocery store for your kids.

If you do have a little kid, chances are you’re going to want to market a lot of things to them - everything from your core values to certain foods over others. But how! The good news is, you already know your target demographic, and probably better than everyone else.

So let’s create a brand persona out of your little Ophelia! Ophelia spends most of her time inside these days, because it’s getting cold out. Her favorite subject in second grade is finger painting and Math and she loves to collect stuffed animals even though you told her that a minimalist lifestyle will do her just fine as she grows up. Her favorite foods are ice cream, cookies and macaroni and cheese and she has been copying her best friend Quincy a lot lately.

Now let’s pick a product to market to her: Peas! (Is that too obvious?)

Here’s how to get your kids to eat peas and be happea by applying ideas from a few common marketing techniques.

1) SEO: Search Engine Optimization means that if you’re looking for something you want, you find other stuff you might also want. Ophelia is probably not hanging out on Google Search, but we can still apply the basic principles of SEO to our target demographic. Assume Ophelia is rooting through the cabinet. Which cabinet is she likely to look in? The one up high, where you keep your pre-workout formula and flax seed, or the one down low, where she can also find Dunkaroo’s? Decide where you want to put the good stuff and try mixing it up. Visual associations are often subconscious. So don’t keep the canned peas next to your fish oil pills.

2) Commercial Advertising: Like on TV! Only, you’re the actor. Even if you’re a pea hater, it’s still up to you to be pealievable in front of Ophelia. She likes you. Whatever you like, she wants to like. So when you’re in Trader Joe’s and you walk past the frozen peas, tell her how much you love the peas. And how much her friend Quincy loves them too (if it’s true). She might even get jealous.

3) Native Advertising: This is where Peater the Green Pea Cookie comes in. Ophelia loves cookies, so why not sneak the peas in in a format that she loves? The idea is not to replace her steamed pea intake with green pea cookies, which are just 25% peas, but instead to instill the idea that peas are friends AND food, and maybe the plate of boiled peas won’t be as inpeamidating later.

4) Co-Branding: Co-branding has a similar effect as does native ads - but you can use something like a green pea cookie or the original product (peas). Combine peas in a meal with something else that you know she likes, but nothing too good, by her standards. Don’t mix it with Macaroni and Cheese, for instance. That would just ruin her favorite thing. If she likes soup, try making soup out of pureed peas and top it with some shaved parmesan. Or put green pea cookies on ice cream. Co-branding goes for non-food pea associations as well. Hint: Peater's Latest Diary Post is probably a better choice of a bedtime story than "The Princess and the Pea."

5) Relatability: turn peas from shriveled bitter vegetables into cute and wise little protein-packed beings who are rolling around with eternal joy and bliss, just like your Ophelia. Oh wait! We already did that :)

    Try a box of Peater the Original Green Pea Cookie and let us know how your kids like them!

    The Green Pea Cookie Team
    The Green Pea Cookie Team


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