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Peater's Diary: Somepean's Creepean Me Out

by Peater The Cookie October 29, 2015

Hi Diary.

It’s me, Peater the Green Pea Cookie. I’m in a pickle, diary. And it’s not because pickles have peas in them like beans do, if that’s what you were thinking.

‘Tis the season for Creepea, that’s why: wasted cookies, uneaten by the peaple of earth, come back this month to take their peavenge on Hallowpean. And thanks to their hogging all the space around here, I can’t find my love, Penelopea the Cranberry Green Pea Cookie, anywhere. She is usually pretty nearby this time of year.

Last friday I was rolling around San Franpeasco with my buddy Peaona and my new friend Peatriz. They were giving a talk at a very neat START conference, which included Kickstarter and following your passion.

There was a guy who travelled around the country listening to love stories, and I thought that was the sweetest thing because he said a lady told him that is she could give one advice to everyone, it would be:

“Don’t be afraid to be the one that loves more.”

It got me thinking about Penelopea and how she’s a real sweetheart who deserves the best Peasmas this year. Unfortunately, when I was rolling top spead to look for her, I crushed right into a Creepea cookie.

I don’t know why I’m getting crowded out by Creepea these days. They've been everywhere! It's not fair. Iknow they’re all back for peavenge, but it’s really making me worried about Penelopea. It's a lot of spookiness to deal with at once. I hope she’s fine. I really want to see her this Peasmas because I miss her a ton. I’m just saying. But that’s what they do. I guess I always thought “fair” was a funny word to begin with.

Peaona, Pean and Rissy told me they would help eat Creepea in order to clear the path for me to get to Penelopea. But the thing is, Pean is in Singapore, which is not that helpful. And Rissy is on a cleanse, so she’s limiting her cookie intake. Those imaginative Americans are always doing that... Peaona warned me that would happen sometimes.

Luckily, my new friends here in the USA have been helping me by gobbling up all the Creepeas. I hear that kids will like them on Halloween. It’s really nice to have help from peaple of all ages. The more peaple you have around diary, that’s the best. I just hope all the Creepeas get gobbled in time for Penelopea to make her sweet return because I can’t wait to introduce her to everyone. She’s the prettiest cookie you will ever know.

Bye for now! Stay safe.


Peater The Cookie
Peater The Cookie


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