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Adventures from Pearth: Peater and the Creepea Cookie

by The Green Pea Cookie Team October 21, 2015


It was complete darkness one evening, and Peater could hear strange noises. Where was he? A foul smell of rotting dough lingered in the air and in the distance he could hear a drip of what smelled like organic dishwashing sanitizer. He searched his memory for the last thing he knew -a flash of orange and a maniacal laugh.

Oh yes! It was that strange new grocery shop that Penelopea had wanted to go in. He remembered the huge array of pumpkins that had been on sale, none of them looked the same, many with obscure lumps. Penelopea wanted to get one for Halloween, and she had dragged Peater in.

“Happy Halloween…” the shopkeeper greeted. He was a balding old pea cookie, with wrinkled hands and sharp teeth.
Peater didn’t feel right. “I think we should go. This place feels haunted.” He said to Penelopea.
“Don’t be silly,” she laughed. “What, are you afraid of Creepea?”
“Of course not!” Peater scoffed. “It’s only a Halloween tale.” Penelopea looked skeptical.
“Hi Creepea!” Peater yelled. “Any Creepea for sale here?” Silence.
“All of them can hear you.” The shopkeeper cackled.  
The phone in Peater’s pocket rang.
“Hello and happea day?” Peater answered.
“Hey! Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you in front of the West Peafield Mall all day, and I couldn’t reach you until now!”
“Penelopea?” He turned around frantically. If that was Penelopea on the line, then…

“Is anyone there?” Peater called out frantically. “Penelopea! Where are you?”

“I’m here…” He heard a laugh, but all he could see were pumpkins. Everywhere. Peater could feel all the crumbs on his body stand. Where was he? And who was that cranberry cookie with him?

The lights went on, flickering before illuminating the entire room. He was back in the kitchen. He saw a green monster oozing out from behind the wire cutter of the cookie depositor machine, abandoned and unclean. He was alone except for some granola pieces, spilt in front of the rusty, broken oven rack. A line of sunflower oil dripped from his hand onto the floor. He saw the time on his watch moving backwards.

11:59. 11:58. 11.57.

Creepea was here.



“Hi Creepea!” Peater said nervously. “Have a great night!”

The old tale of Creepea was told to every child in Pearth: wasted cookies become Creepea and haunt you. After a pea cookie meet Creepea, he would turn completely to crumbs, never able to roll again. You knew Creepea was around if time ticked backwards -- and if you called out to one of them, all would hear.

Peater had thought it was all a myth. Even now he had his doubts. He thought if he acted with compeassion Creepea would be gentle. “Creepea?” he said again. “How are you doing today?”

The phone rang again. It was Penelopea.

“Peater! The time on my watch is moving backwards. What’s going on?” Penelopea was peatrified.

“Whatever you do, make sure you don’t meet Creepea face to face. Close your eyes and stuff.” Peater tried to stay calm. There wasn’t much time left and Penelopea was in danger.

“It’s Creepea isn’t it? He is real after all…” Penelopea started to sob. “Left forgotten and uneaten by the people of Earth, and back for peavenge.”

That was it! If the problem began with the people of Earth, the solution would lie with them too. Peater had friends from Earth, they would know what to do...


Help clear the way for Peater and Penelopea's peaunion!

The Green Pea Cookie Team
The Green Pea Cookie Team


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