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6 Ideas to Celebrate a Green Christmas This Year

by Mei Mei Lim December 14, 2016

Christmas is almost around the corner! It is a happea season, of gatherings with families, friends and joyful celebrations. Whilst it is a happea time for us, have you ever wondered if it’s a happea one for Mother Nature?
Christmas celebrations need not be a source of waste creation. With some efforts from our part, we can make this a Green Peasmas! Here are six ideas to get you started.


1. Driftwood Christmas Tree

Nothing screams “Christmas” more than the evergreen trees that takes a prominent spot in our homes during the festive period! This tradition has by far, lasted for a few hundred years. With real and artificial trees options easily available in the market, why not try something different this year by making your own Christmas tree?



Pick up some driftwood from your yard, by the beach or anywhere you spot them and turn them into this simple but stunning Driftwood Christmas Tree! As Grandma Pearl says, “Simple is peautiful’.


2. Potato Print Christmas Cards

We can’t forget Christmas cards during the holiday season, they are a great way to share season's greetings with the people we love. Instead of buying store-bought Christmas cards, wouldn’t it be fun to make your own Christmas cards this year?

Channel your inner artistic self, pick up some potatoes and make this easy but (very) adorable Christmas cards, Even your children will want to make them too!


3. Pine Cone Reindeer

“Rudolph the red nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose…” We’ve all heard the all-time, classic Christmas carol of the flying reindeer that pulls Santa Claus’s sleigh. This Christmas, let’s have our favorite reindeer decorate our homes!

Make these adorable Pine Cone Reindeer with your children as a holiday craft activity, they are easy to create and reuses fallen pinecones.


4. Christmas Garlands

Do you have stacks of leftover Christmas cards from last year? Turn them into these colorful Christmas garlands instead of throwing them away and brighten up your home at the same time!

Hang them over the fireplace, on the walls or anywhere you desire! These Christmas Garlands are an eco-friendly decoration alternatives that you can make in six easy steps.


5. Snowman Craft Bottles

Recreate your favorite Snowman that doesn’t melt! Gather some used bottles and painting materials to make these Snowman Craft Bottles.



Pea.S. Make it a hands-on craft activity with your children! Distract them from the likes of mobile games or television, and enjoy the peasures of DIY holiday craft - it’s a good bonding session with them too.


6. Green Pea Cookie Treat Basket

Finished your box of Green Pea Cookies? Waiting for your next order to arrive? Turn these empty boxes into a treat basket!

Use it to hold anything you desire - from candies, chocolates to even greeting cards, empty Green Pea Cookie boxes can be recycled to keep your festive goods. You could even use some ribbons and add a bow to the boxes to add to the festive mood!


These are just some of the numerous ways you could make this year’s Christmas be a sustainable one. Peater dreams of having a Green Peasmas, and he hopes that you will too! Do you have any tips on how you can celebrate a Green Peasmas too? Share them with us and hashtag #greenpeasmas, we would love to see your amazing ideas!


Mei Mei Lim
Mei Mei Lim


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