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6 Healthy and Easy Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas

by Fiona Lee October 11, 2016

This Halloween, stop feeding kids with junk! Skip the sugar, artificial food dyes and high-fructose corn syrup and try these 5 simple and easy homemade treats that will keep the children (and your wallet) healthy and happy.

1. Tangerine Pumpkins & Banana Ghosts

banana ghost and tangerine pumpkin

Dress up fruits in a halloween costume! Stick on some chocolate chips on the peeled bananas and add a stick of celery in the middle of a peeled tangerine. All it takes is 10 minutes to make a spooky fruit platter for your late-night guests.

2. Clementine Pumpkins

Tangerine Pumpkin

These scary faces are ready to meet any excited young trick-or-treater, and they are high in vitamins too! All you need is a black marker, some tangerines and your artistic talent. Best of all, they are sweet without any added sugar.

3. Ghoulish Hard-Boiled Eggs

ghoulish hard boiled eggs

Still have that black marker? Continue drawing more faces on these adorable hard-boiled eggs before the costume party begins!

4. Ghost Pancakes

ghost pancakes

Get the mood going early bright and early with these easy-to-make Ghoulish Pancakes! Just use your regular pancake mix with an extra swirl to form the shape. Add some chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and boo! Prepare a scary and wholesome breakfast ready for a long day ahead.

5. Mummy Raisin Box

mummy raisin box

Get some raisin boxes, tape and googly eyes. These adorable raisin boxes are so easy to make that you might get carried away! If you don’t like raisin, just switch it up with any other treats in the box.

6. Or Get Creepea

Don’t have time for arts and crafts snacks this season, between pumpkin picking and costume making? That’s why we created Creepea, the original green pea cookie, “Peater”, in a creepea mood. Creepea is made of five simple ingredients. Super cute, sweet, salty, crunchy creamy… a great way to get your kids to love vegetables!

Creepea appears every Halloween season - it’s just Peater in a Creepea mood! Try these divine cookies made out of roasted green peas, using an original recipe from Singapore. Naturally vegan, it’s a peafect trick-or-treat snack for children, adults and even pea-haters everywhere!

Pea.S. We heard that these Creepea cookies are here to seek revenge. Spooked? Read on for the full story of Creepea here, from the Green Pea Cookie team

Fiona Lee
Fiona Lee


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