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It's a Green Pea Cookie Summer!

by The Green Pea Cookie Team June 29, 2015

Hi Pea Family! 

We wanted to let you know what we've been up to and what you can expect from us in the next few months as we prepare for our launch! Rissy just got back from Singapore where the 4 of us met up for the first time together with Gigi. We took lots of pictures, redesigned our packaging, delivered the last of the Kickstarter orders, worked on some recipe improvements and began crafting the Green Pea Cookie story of happeaness. 
Here’s a sneak peaview of our picnic photo shoot at the National University of Singapore!
Packaging Improvements: We all know the green pea cookie crumbles!! And smushes... and melts... :( In Singapore we dedicated the majority of our time to these issues. Check out the first redesign of our cookie tray!
Some samples of the design are on their way so that we can make sure Peater stays snug and in tact, then tweak the design if needed. Each box is going to contain four trays, heat sealed for further protection. We believe it will work well but it takes time so do bear with us! 
Sleepea Shippea: We finished up the last of the Singapore deliveries!

Recipe and Labeling Improvements: We're proud to announce that we're aiming to use as many organic ingredients as possible in our cookies. We also hope to work with the folks atSage for an interactive ingredient label -- that means full transparency for you into where the ingredients are sourced and more. We also plan to have Vegan and Non-GMO certifications as well as Gluten Free when applicable.

For us, the ingredient of concern at this point is the roasted peas. We're just too small at this point for our own pea roasting so we have less control over the contents of this ingredient. However, we hear you about the food coloring & we're experimenting with some natural food dyes. 

Here's Fiona at the store picking up some Spinach powder.

She looks delighted, but Peater was a little bitter about it. The cookies also changed texture.

Natural food dyes may have to come later after we can get expert help, but stay tuned! Any ideas for us?

Pre-orders and Our New Website: We all know Peater the Green Pea Cookie is a super happea cookie who loves rolling around and rap music. We also know he came from Singapore to San Francisco. But where did he REALLY come from, and why… and what about Dimpea and Penelopea? We can’t wait to start to let the story unfold :) 

OK -- more later, Pea Family! Expect pre-orders soon!


-Sean, Fiona, Rissy & Gigi

The Green Pea Cookie Team
The Green Pea Cookie Team


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