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Post US Kickstarter Fulfillment - Timeline Update - Addressing Feedback

by The Green Pea Cookie Team May 23, 2015


Hi Dear Backers!

This is going to be a long post as we update you guys about what has happened with Kickstarter Fulfillment so far. It has been so crazy these past months putting everything together and though we are super super tired, we are still trying our best to keep up our communication with everyone so please bear with us.


A snippet of what has happened over the past 2 weeks in USA:

US KS Fulfillment Operations
US KS Fulfillment Operations

Thousands of everything (shirts/packaging boxes/shipping boxes/cookies/tape/stickers/clips) were shipped to Larissa’s house and a supply chain was set up. We will share in more details about this EPIC process after we have officially completed all of the fulfillment.


Kickstarter Fulfillment Timeline Update

KS Timeline Update
  • As of May 18th-21st, we have shipped over 1000 boxes of Green Pea Cookies + Goodies to all our US backers.
  • Backers from the rest of the world, please be patient because we’ll be working to fulfil your orders soon. Fiona, Sean and Gigi will be fulfilling the Kickstarter orders in Singapore starting from the first week of June. We have learnt from the feedback we got and are modifying our packaging to better protect Peater & Dimpea.
  • For everyone in US who has received cookies that crumbled or have alerted us of missing addons, we can only deal with them the earliest by August after we fulfil everything, finish consolidation and ensure that we are in tip top condition as we do not want to send another bag of crumbs. For this, we really seek your kind understanding and patience with us and we cannot thank you enough for that.


What Backers Should Expect to Receive

reward kit!
reward kit!

This is what you can expect to receive from our package (as shown above):

  • Personalized Postcards 
  • Peater Stickers 
  • Each packet of Green Pea Cookie with a food clip that we specially prepared for you guys! 
  • Swag (Only if you have purchased as a reward or addon)

PS. The food clips are actually our little special surprise that we mentioned as a stretch goal reward! It’s meant to keep your cookies fresh and for you to seal your other tidbits away. We hope that you will like them.


Addressing Feedback from US Kickstarter Fulfilment so Far

We’ve had loads of feedback coming in about your Kickstarter orders and we would like to thank everyone for being so forthcoming about it. Most of the feedback was about our packaging and crumbling cookies. We also had feedback about melting cookies, mistakes in our food labels, missing addons.

As mentioned, we are a little overwhelmed at the moment so we thought that it would be better for us to address some matters publicly before reverting back to everyone individually. This has been an important learning process for us to build ourselves into a better team to create better products.

One of the feedback that really encouraged us during this trying period! Thanks Jennifer for believing in us :)

There are many other backers out there who are very supportive and understanding as well even though they received crumbled cookies. We thank you all for that!


Issues to tackle: 

1) Packaging needs to improve!

Most of the feedback we got was about our packaging. We found that in some cases, even the original Peater became crumbs. There were also instances where the cookies “melted” which caught us by surprise. We know that more needs to be done to protect Dimpea and Peater and we’re already exploring solutions for our Singapore Kickstarter fulfillment for our Singapore and International backers.

Plastic vs Tin Can
Plastic vs Tin Can

 We are considering to use either a plastic box or a tin box as the inner packaging to store the cookies. Ideally, we would want to get the tins because of environmental concerns but cost is a huge constraint for us at the moment. 

If you’re a US backer who is very upset about your crumbled green pea cookies please take a picture it and share it with Sean at We will take note of it and try our best to compensate everyone in the best possible way. However, please do bear with us we as we are very tight on our finances right now and we are doing the very best that we can with our current situation.


2) Roasted Peas w artificial colouring -> To natural colouring in future!

We have also received critical feedback about the artificial coloring in our peas. Initially, we were also taken aback by the discovery that all of the roasted green peas on shelf contained artificial coloring. Because of that, we have been actively sourcing for organic roasted green peas in the US but to no avail (we even went to a farmer!). We also wanted to do local sourcing but couldn’t find a supplier that produces roasted green peas in the US. The main importers in US such as and only has roasted green peas with artificial colouring.

Just recently, as we started our search beyond US, we found an Asian supplier that supplies non-GMO roasted green peas. From the samples that we’ve acquired, we found that roasted green peas were more yellow than green, which really goes against our product that is supposed to be green. One solution that we have developed is to use natural colouring to make the roasted green pea green. However, this is still a work in progress, but we are confident that we can make this switch in the near future.


3) Dimpea Nutritional Label Ingredient List Error

We realised that there has been a careless mistake with Dimpea’s ingredient list. Unfortunately, there was an error in the ingredients that we have sent to our label agent so all of our Dimpea labels will need to be reprinted :(

Some of you have been concerned about the presence of “non-fat milk” in Dimpea. Please be rest assured that this is not the case. The chocolate that we have used is Guittard’s Semisweet Chocolate Baking Chips and these are its ingredients:

Cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, vanilla beans

Moving forward of our ingredients and labels from now on and will work towards a Vegan Certification prior to our launch. We are also looking to produce our own vegan chocolate eventually so that we can have more control on the overall quality. We are very sorry for this oversight but we have learnt from this and will be better.


Peater’s Pledge

An important part of our business social conscience is to be upfront with our communication and honest with our marketing. We want to grow Green Pea Cookie into an inspiring brand together with everyone.

Finally, please know that while we are committed to ensuring that Green Pea Cookie continues to spread peasitivity to everyone, the road can get bumpy sometimes. We treasure all of our Kickstarter backers and we are very grateful for your kind patience and understanding. As a new company, we truly hope that you will sit with us through our teething problems.

The cookie may crumble… but our sPEArit will never break!

Let’s make Peater the Happiest Cookie on the Planet :)

Peas and Love, 

Sean, Larissa, Fiona and Gigi

The Green Pea Cookie Team
The Green Pea Cookie Team


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