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Peamprovements and Nutrition Facts! Why We Decided To Reduce Our Serving Size to 4 Cookies

by The Green Pea Cookie Team May 17, 2015

Hey Peaple!

The Green Pea Cookie team has been working closely with food scientists in Singapore, our partnering baker for Kickstarter fulfillment in Chicago, and our very own Peaona, testing iterations of our recipea and tweaking ratios to increase Peater’s shelf-life, peafect his texture, and lower his fat content. Peater and Dimpea are going to be traveling far and wide to reach you, after all, and we wanted to make sure they’d be in tip-top condition!

A few weeks ago we needed to make a decision between the best recipea and the lowest calorie count per cookie. A previous version of our original cookie contained 100 calories for every 6. We know that this was very appealing to all of you, as it was to us, considering that Peater can become very addictive. However, we decided to prioritize quality over quantity: in the latest version of our original recipea, there will be 100 calories in 4 cookies. Same simple ingredients -- less likely to crumble, leave you thirsty, or break in the mail.

Below you’ll find the complete nutrition facts for Peater and Dimpea (and their gluten-free alter-peagos). Do bear with us as health-consciousness will continue to be a big priority for us as we grow, just like good taste and texture!

PeaterPeater's Nutritional Fact


Dimpea's Nutritional Fact 

Peas & Love!

-The Green Pea Cookie Team


PEA.S-This is no longer relevant! Peas view our updated nutrition facts on each product page. The serving size is 5 Peaters! 

The Green Pea Cookie Team
The Green Pea Cookie Team


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