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Behind the scenes of a Merry Peasmas: 2500 green pea cookies, 4 different recipeas, 3 sleepea peaple

by Larissa Russell December 09, 2014

This week we sent off over 2500 cookies: original, cranberry, and a gluten free version of each.  That's about 10lbs of roasted peas and 22lbs of Green Pea Cookie dough that we baked ourselves!  (Our baker doesn't start until the launch next year :) )

It was so much fun - we feel like Santa Claus, even as we are lying on the bed half asleep, trying to compose this blog post. He works all night and so do we :)  It is incredibly satisfying to mail out a bajillion presents to say thanks, especially against that torrential rain in San Francisco (HAHA).  Peater and Penelopea are so pealighted to be meeting our early bird supporters.

Thank you to our Lyft drivers, Office Depot printing assistants, our dear friend Alexis (for having power in the great San Francisco storm and rescuing us so Fiona could grind peas all day), and the couriers at USPS, for whom neither snow, nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays them from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.  

If you are wondering how to pull off a Peasmas surprise: 

1) Bring all your supplies to your friend's house for a functioning power outlet :) 
2) Grind peas for 6+ hrs:  
3) Make enough cookies to put in the oven fast, then start on the rest -- something must always be in the oven!  Meanwhile, you're rollin' dough.  A neck brace might help.
4) As the cookies come out of the oven, improvise where to store them as you run out of space.
5) Write little notes to all of your favorite friends on the back of a nice photo and pack up the cookies as they cool.
6) Seal each package with love and make sure you don't miss anyone.
7) Buy stamps to mail by weight and paste them as fast as you can so that the queue behind you at the post office stays happy.  Ship immediately!  Tip: try not to cry as you see your little babies tossed in a bin to brave the wide world without you.


We hope all who signed up to receive them will love our cookies as much as we do.  Please tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @greenpeacookie #greenpeacookie ... we want to hear from you!  


Rissy, Sean and Fiona

Pea.S:  If you haven't already, there's still a chance to join the VIPea list before we launch.  Never know when Peater will pay you a surprise visit!



Larissa Russell
Larissa Russell


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